Georgia Tourism Foundation
The Georgia Tourism Foundation is a public-private entity created for the purpose of expanding the state's tourism economic impact. The Foundation team works with the Tourism Division and the tourism industry to enhance marketing, coordinate industry-wide education and innovation that results in competitive advantages for the state. Currently the Foundation is leading the state's Creative Economies Initiative designed to galvanize art-centric businesses and promote Georgia Made Georgia Grown products. Additionally, the initiative provides regional, customized business development for local artists, entertainers, agribusinesses, craft enthusiasts and related business owners/operators. A web registry that will facilitate commerce by identifying and providing locator information and web links to Georgia's creative businesses is being developed to connect tourists and consumers with these business entities.

Learn more at the Georgia Tourism Foundation Official Website.

Creative Economies Brochure
Download this brochure to understand more about the Creative Economies Initiative.

Creative Economies YouTube Video
Check out this video that we've posted on YouTube all about our efforts with the Initiative.