This page will provide an overview of the basic functions of the site. Creative Economies is part of the MarketMaker Family of Applications. If you do not find the help you were looking for here, please use the resources at MarketMaker Support.

Keyword Search
Use this tool to search all of the Creative Economies site to find related businesses within Georgia. It will display businesses that contain your search terms in their names, attributes, or descriptions.

Find a Business
Use this tool to find one or more arts-centric businesses based on the type of business, location and other optional parameters. Creative Economies is divided into three distinct categories: People, Places, and Things.

Search in this category for artists, musicians, photographers, writers, festival planners, and other creative professionals.

Search in this category if you are looking for a gallery, farm, theater, retail shop, or other location-based business.

Search in this category to find sculpture, paintings, jewelry, dolls, clothing, and other products that Georgia artists have to offer.